Pipe Creek Guide Service - All little bit about us and what we love to do!

We are located in the North Central part of the state just 25 miles north of Salina, Kansas on I135. We are only 7 miles from the small town of Minneapolis, Kansas.  Family owned and operated by Todd and Rachel Griffin. We are blessed with the help of a long time childhood friend, Kent Constable and our two sons, Stuart and Grant.  

We manage 13,000 plus acres of Prime River and creek bottom ground in Ottawa, Saline, and Cloud Counties. We offer Kansas Trophy Deer Hunts, Kansas Turkey Hunts (Rio Grandes), and Kansas Pheasant hunts. This is truly the home of Kansas Trophy Whitetail Deer!!

Kent Constable is an avid hunter in all concepts and all angles.  He loves to hunt Whitetail Deer, Turkeys, Waterfowl of all kinds, Predators, and he is a Trapper. The Trapping skills and his love for bow hunting is a great help in tree stand placement for us. Those skills lead him to be a master of finding pinch points in places that most would never believe existed.   He also makes custom predator calls out of our famous Kansas Whitetail Deer antler.  

Our Sons Stuart and Grant are Growing up fast many of our hunters have watched them grow from little boys to the young men they are today.  Stuart now 23 has been to welding school and has worked all over oklahoma and northern Texas on pipeline jobs, coming home every chance he had to hunt and help out when needed. He has been the one who got the job of filling feeders, fixing blinds, putting up signs, picking up deer, along with the occasional dropping off and picking up of hunters. He was the first to drive so he has had many early morning and late night jobs.  Stuart is now starting a new division of Pipe Creek Guide Service in Lincoln county Kansas offering all the same great hunts in a new area. We are excited to say the least. We will continue to work together I will help him and he will help me as well. Grant is now 19 and about ready to graduate from welding school. He has taken over the feeder filling, tracking deer helping me get guys in and out of the field, guiding when needed and a lot of other jobs that need to be done.  He is picking up where Stuart left off.   Both boys are very good hunters and hard workers great partners to have in our family business. 

Rachel is the one whom organizes everything and sees that it gets done, and on time.  Not counting our home life, she cleans the Lodge, does all the book work, takes care of the bird dogs (all 6 of them), and sometimes cooks for the hunters.  She also is the secretary and collection manager for my father’s business Griffin’s Contracting. Oh ya and if that’s not enough for her to do, she also is an RCA carrier for the post office in Minneapolis.  Without her I can honestly say Pipe Creek Guide Service wouldn't’t be here today.  As my little Grandma once told me behind every successful man there's a better woman. 

I have been a hunter since the day I was born just like Kent; we were raised hunting every chance we got.   For many years during college and shortly after I guided Kansas Pheasant and Quail hunts all around Ottawa, Cloud, and Saline Counties.  I started Pipe Creek Guide Service in 1999 the year Kansas decided to let non residents hunt our giant Kansas Whitetail Deer.  Of course I was anxious to kick it into high gear when that happened.  I work for my family's contracting business about 3 months of the year and the rest of the time I am dedicated to Pipe Creek Guide Service.  

Here at Pipe Creek Guide Service we start hanging and trimming tree stands around the first of August up until the Kansas Muzzle Loader hunts start in late Sept..  Then in October were back at it checking trail cameras, filling feeders, and finishing any stands we didn't get to earlier.  Most of the time I try to take off with my sons and my dad somewhere hunting Colorado or Wyoming for a week in mid October for a little stress relief before it really gets crazy at the beginning of November.  That’s the prime time to be in a tree stand if you want to put a tag on a Monster Kansas Trophy Deer.  

We bow hunt all of November and then the rifle season starts the first Wednesday after Thanksgiving. The Kansas Deer hunting season is only Twelve days for gun so we offer two 5 day hunts.  When that is done we then start our Kansas Pheasant / Quail hunts.  

We hunt Pheasant and Quail until the end of January which is the end of the Kansas season. The actual Kansas Pheasant hunting season starts the second weekend in November and runs through the last day of January.  I generally take those clients on my own unless there is a large group.  I really don’t like to take pheasant hunters any earlier than about the 15th of December.  I really want to focus on the Kansas Whitetail hunts in November and early December.  

In February I’m off from Pipe Creek Guide Service so I then go to town and help my father in his contracting business or work on the farm fixing fence digging ponds etc… There is never any end to farm work and it’s always waiting on us.  

February is also time to start filling feeders for the Turkeys until April when the Kansas Turkey season starts.  We hunt the beautiful Rio Grandes in our area and the greatest part of it is you can get two of them!  The Kansas Turkey season last until the end of May, so naturally I go back to work in town for the month of June and July before we start it all over again!!! That’s our life in a nut shell I admit it’s a little nutty but we somehow continue to deal with it and in some strange way it’s normal to us.