DEER HUNTING RATES: $3000.00  -  6 Day Muzzle loader Hunt,  $3200.00 5 1/2 Day Bow Hunt, or 5 1/2 Day Rifle Hunt

CURRENT SPECIAL - Save 10% ($300) on 6 Day Muzzle Loader Hunts!

Kansas Trophy Deer Hunts at its finest! Pipe Creek Guide Service is located in North Central Kansas right in the heart of the best Kansas Whitetail Deer hunting in the state.  We hunt on 13,000 acres and growing in Ottawa, Saline, and Cloud Counties. This acreage consists of 50+ farms. Our properties include rolling terrain and are located along creek and river bottoms, with an abundance of agriculture fields consisting of soy beans, corn, milo, alfalfa, and wheat all along these bottoms.  Within this rich soil landscape Kansas Whitetails have no shortage of food whatsoever it’s in every direction and all around them 24/7.  Of course on top of all that food we have 42 feeders spitting 75+ tons of corn out each year.  Our Lodge is located 7 miles from the town of Minneapolis. The word Minneapolis is a two part word put together from a Greek phrase (polis – city) and an Indian word that means water.  We have a lot of creek drainages that tie into the several rivers that run through our area.  Having said this you can better understand that the more creek and river drainages you have the more habitats for wildlife you will have as well.  Our Kansas Bucks get the protein they need for horn growth easily and therefore can produce massive racks.  Our young up and coming monster Kansas Whitetail will have a 2 1/2 year old rack that will score 125 easily, and many will score much better than that.  Most of our 3 ½ year old Kansas Bucks will carry a 140 – 150 class rack, but there are many exceptions to that rule we have seen many cases that they scored much higher at 3 1/2.  Once that Kansas Whitetail Buck has reached 4 ½ he has reached the class every ones looking for, he has become a Monster Kansas Whitetail! From here on they can explode in mass and tine length depending on his breeding demeanor and what he will become is anybody"s guess.  One thing you can count on he will be big!  This is why we so strongly believe in management of our Kansas Whitetail Deer and have a minimum rack score of 135. If you let these bucks go you will have a better chance at a big one.  We do not have trophy fees because we want you to shoot a Giant Kansas Buck.  We do however impose a $500.00 fine on a hunter that shoots buck that scores 135 or less.  This as you can tell is very important to our future and is the only way we can be sure that we will have a constant supply of Big Kansas Whitetail Deer to hunt every year.

LODGING: Come stay in our spacious 3500 square foot lodge built with the hunter in mind we have separate bedrooms, 4 baths, big flat screen TVs, Elk horn chandeliers, 3 fully furnished kitchens with all the spices and utensils, all the way down to the coffee and filters. There are several gas grills on site as well if you want to do some grilling.  We do not provide the meals but we have all the accommodations for you to cook if you want. We are located just 7 miles from the town of Minneapolis, Kansas where you can find most anything you could need grocery stores, liquor stores, gas stations, restaurants, etc…  We can provide the evening meal for a small additional fee if you would like provided arrangements are made ahead of time.  We (the guides) want to spend our time trying to make sure the hunters have a good hunt and are seeing the Monster Kansas Bucks, not cooking.  If arrangements are made ahead of time we can take care of it generally my wife has it catered or brought in by an excellent local cook.

HUNT & LICENSE FEES: This year we are charging $3000.00 for our 6 day Kansas Muzzle Loader hunts, $3200.00 for our 5 ½ day Kansas Bow hunts, and our 5 ½ day Kansas Rifle hunts.  Kids under 16 are half price. We require a 50% deposit to secure your spot within 10 days of booking your dates.  Here at Pipe Creek Guide Service we want your experience to be the best possible hunt of your dreams, and for that to happen we need to collect hunter’s deposits and secure dates well in advance.  All hunters will need to apply for the Kansas non-resident deer tag $554.53 ( now includes hunting license) in the month of April this must be done by the last business day in April.  If you book a hunt with us, we will help you get that done on time.  We will be in touch with you several times to make certain you didn't’ have any questions or problems with the application. It’s not a guaranteed draw but very high odds ( we just don't have problems with people not drawing) although you have to apply to get it. Generally there are some left over tags available in late July and they sometimes will last until early August but there are absolutely no guarantees that there will be any left overs at all. Hunters will also need a Kansas non-resident hunting license which is $99.50. ( this is now included in the price of the tag application) Kids under 16 non-residents are $42.50. 

MUZZLE LOADER SEASON: Muzzle loader is the first season of the year it is in late September. At this time of year we are hunting over standing crops. Kansas Whitetail Bucks are in bachelor groups and are patternable!! They are living in the soy bean, milo, and corn fields. The corn is generally cut by the time season starts so we don’t have to fight that as cover. This is when we see for the first time other than trail cam pics what Kansas has to offer.  We see some of the biggest bucks of the year for the first time during this season.  We make use of our 300+ ladder stands and 38+ box blinds but mostly at this time we hunt off of a folding chair tucked in along the edge of the field. There is a lot of cover with the crops standing and the weeds and trees still being leafed out. It’s generally warm during this hunt so we only hunt mornings and evenings. The great part of this hunt is, if you spot a big Kansas buck feeding in an area and you can’t get a shot he will be there again tomorrow.  We like to have you at ground level most of the time so that if you need to adjust a little to make a shot it's possible to move with all the cover and get the job done. Also in Kansas during this time of year our bucks tend to bed in very unlikely looking areas that one could never guess a deer to be. Many times there is just no way to put a stand in those areas. As with all Kansas deer hunts weather plays a big part but this is generally a highly successful hunt. 

ARCHERY SEASON: For our Kansas archery deer hunts we currently have around 300 ladder stands up on our farms and we are continuously adding more. We try to have one for each wind direction in each pinch point, travel corridor, river or creek crossing and bedding area.  All the stands are flagged every 10-15 feet to the edge of the field with pink ribbon and on the pink ribbon we put DOT reflector tape.  There is nothing worse than not being able to find your stand in the morning in the dark. We have taken every precaution to see to it that a blind man can find our stands. We only offer Bow hunts during the pre rut, rut and beginning of the post rut. This is late October and November.  We only believe in running hunts when it’s the best possible time to kill a Trophy Kansas Buck.

RIFLE SEASON: Our Kansas rifle hunts are in late November and early December. The Rifle season starts the first Wednesday after Thanksgiving. We have 40+ box blinds and adding each year. Some of these are elevated and some are not depending on the situation of the farm. These are set up facing areas that deer generally always feed in. We also corn up these areas several days before the season starts and keep them baited during the season as needed. This is post rut and the hunter will probably see some chasing but it’s not flat out rut, its tapering off. Kansas Whitetail have been through a lot by now and need energy so the corn really is appealing to them at this time. The hunter should see anywhere from 10 or so deer up to 70 per sit depending on the farm, weather, and many other conditions.  We recommend that you bring a portable heater with you to take to the blinds if needed. This time of year the weather is unpredictable and it can be cold. We have a shooting range for you to check your gun especially if you fly. The worst thing that can happen is to have the Kansas Deer of your dreams in front of you and have a miss.  

ABOUT YOUR HUNT: The thing that we feel strongly about is the one on one interaction with each hunter before each hunt. We firmly believe that this has lead to our continuous success.  We will set down with each hunter, go over aerial photos and discuss wind direction for the next hunt.  we discuss what he has seen during each previous hunt and the particulars of those things that he saw.  Then make a plan to place that hunter in the best possible spot for a successful hunt each and every time.  Wind direction is very important to us and we will discuss with you before and after each hunt what caliber of bucks you saw and what we think or want you to do as far as what stand or blind we want you in next. We will help you get to the stands in several different ways. We can drop you off and pick you up but that can make for a frustrating situation in many cases.  The thing that works best is for you to drive to the farm on your own we will make certain you can get there easily and return without any problems or we will take you.  We have several 4x4 trucks on site for hunters to use if needed.  Communication is a must during the hunt as well don’t be afraid to text or call one of us and ask questions that’s what we are here for. Of course the call we are all waiting on is the one where we hear BBD!  You shoot your Kansas Trophy Buck and we will do the rest we will help track and retrieve no matter what the situation. We will skin and cape it after pictures of course, and quarter it up so it’s ready for you to take home. We can cape out the head also if needed for flying, or to take into your state for a small fee.  We have a walk in cooler and freezers for your meat. We generally like to put your Kansas Trophy Whitetail in our walk in cooler for a little while until we have time to get the photos you deserve.

GETTING HERE: If you are considering flying, one can fly to Wichita or Kansas City. Kansas City is 3 1/2 hours from us but it’s a very easy drive. Kansas City also has a small plane that flies several times a day to Salina which is only 25 miles from us. Wichita is 2 hours straight up I135 highway most hunters fly into here because it’s the closest commercial Airport. Airport pickup is available at Wichita or Salina provided arrangements are made with us ahead of time. We charge a small fee to pick you up and take you back.  

If you’re looking for a Kansas Deer Hunt of a lifetime, want to get away, relax and enjoy all Kansas has to offer look no further. We are dedicated to providing the best quality hunt for one of our Kansas Whitetail, and giving the hunter what he or she deserves in a hunt. We strive to do the best possible job at giving you a great experience, one you won’t soon forget.