UPLAND BIRD HUNTING RATES: Groups pay $350.00 (1-3) OR (4 or more) -  $325.00 Per Person Per Day

Rooster!! That’s what you’ll hear the guide yelling when you step in a field full of Kansas Pheasants while hunting with Pipe Creek Guide Service. Kansas Ring Neck Pheasants have been the upmost attraction to non-resident and resident hunters for decades. Long before the Kansas Whitetail Deer received all the attention. Vast fields of tall CRP grass and hedge rows offer great cover and habitat for Pheasant and Quail. Pipe Creek Guide Service offers single to multiple day hunts for 1-3 people up to groups with 10-15 people.  We provide dogs, transportation, lunch and of course lodging in our 3,500 square foot fully furnished lodge. If you want to bring your own dog that’s great too, we can use a combo of yours and ours or just yours if you want.  When you arrive (generally the evening before the hunt) we will get you acclimated to the lodge, make sure you have your license, and then discuss what to expect during the upcoming hunt. We like to get started about 7:30 in the morning which is generally at that time of year just after sunrise. We will hunt until noon and then break for lunch at a restaurant (on us). After getting a break off your feet and a full belly, then we hit it hard until sunset.  We generally chase our Famous Kansas Ring Neck Pheasants until noon and then hunt our great population of Kansas Bob White Quail in the early afternoon finishing up with a roost hunt for Pheasants. Occasionally the hunter will have a rare opportunity at the fastest flying bird Kansas has to offer, the Prairie Chicken. This is a very unique bird built like a grouse that flies at a cruising speed of around 60 miles an hour. If the hunter is interested in hunting this ever increasingly rare bird, arrangements can be made. Although many times while hunting pheasants they have been known to fly over and offer an opportunity. While hunting Pheasants with Pipe Creek Guide Service the hunter will see numerous Pheasants and have opportunities to fill his or her bag limit (4) daily. Generally all hunters fill their pheasant bag limit unless they are just having a bad day. Our afternoon hunt for Bob Whites is action packed with our nicely growing numbers of Quail we generally can get into anywhere from 8 to 10 coveys a day. These are fast flying little devils that can dart in and out of range in seconds eating up several shells while in site. There is nothing like the sound of a Kansas Bob White covey rise once you here it you’ll never forget it, if they don’t give you a heart attack first. At the covey rise the hunter can get a few quick shots off and then watch for them to go down and then begin to chase the singles.

Pipe Creek Guide Service is located in the middle of Kansas near the town of Minneapolis. What place better to hunt Kansas Pheasants and Quail than in the middle of the state!! For 2014 we are charging $350.00 per day per gun for 1 to 3 people. Groups of 4 or more save $25.00 per person per day at $325.00.  Since we only take one group at a time it's very important to book early to get the dates you want. We like to get a $100.00 deposit from each hunter in the group to secure the spots.  

Lodging is included in our spacious 3,500 square foot lodge along with transportation to and from the field, our dogs, lunch at a restaurant in town, and cleaning of your birds. We do not provide the evening meal or breakfast but our spacious lodge has 3 fully furnished kitchens, several gas grills, 4 baths, separate bed rooms, all the bedding and linens, (Beds are all made fresh before you arrive). All you need is your hunting gear and some food for the breakfast meal and the evening meal.

All else is provided. Minneapolis is only 7 miles away with everything one might need restaurants, grocery store, liquor store, and gas stations if necessary.  Hunters will need to purchase a Kansas hunting license which is $99.50 for non-residents. These can be purchased over the counter upon arrival or online anytime. If you forgot or just don’t get one until you get here its no problem we will make sure you have it or help you get one. We at Pipe Creek Guide Service will see to it you have an experience you won't soon forget.