Predator hunting in Kansas has become very popular because of its abundant game and wildlife. Rolling hills, timbered river and creek bottoms, crops, CRP grass as high as your head, and miles of grassland with wooded draws hold tons of Turkeys, Deer, Pheasant, Quail, and rodents of all kinds. Therefore the food source and cover is endless for the Coyote, Bobcats, and the infamous coon.  With the main part of our business being Kansas Deer and Turkey hunting, we need constant predator control. The Kansas Coyote, and Bobcat hunts have become a very fun and challenging experience for us. The Coyote population in our area of the state has absolutely exploded over the past couple of years and are causing everyone grief. Hated by the farmers they are killing baby calves daily in the spring and fall, chasing deer all during deer season and are just a menace to us. The Bobcat is the sneaky elusive creature with the highly priced pelt that everyone wants at least one of for a mount. Fur prices are just like all commodities constantly going up and down but either way they make a great rug or mount. The weather movement is totally unpredictable, but a hunter should have ample opportunities at either critter on a couple day hunt. We recommend that one should hunt for at least 3 days to accommodate weather conditions. Trapping is welcomed if one would like we can set several areas while the hunter is here and check them daily as well. 

THE AREA: Pipe Creek Guide Service is located in Minneapolis, Kansas which is north of Salina, Kansas 25 miles just off of interstate I135.  We built our lodge in 2001 and added on to it in 2009. We hunt on 13,000+ acres leased primarily for Whitetail deer hunting and turkey hunting, but we also do Pheasant hunts and predator hunts. These leases consist of 45 farms of river and creek bottom ground some have pasture and CRP grass on them along with crop ground.

HUNTING & LICENSE FEES: Whether you’re interested in guided calling on our farms or would like to try your hand at trapping, we can accommodate it all. We are charging $350.00 a day and highly recommend 3 days at least for this hunt, we can do weekends or whatever works for your schedule. Lodging in our lodge is included. There is no limit on Coyotes you can shoot as many as you like we want you to!! The Bobcats are a little different; Kansas considers them a fur-bearing animal so a non resident can purchase a tag over the counter for $100.00 for one Bobcat. If the hunter wants several and plans to stay several days to accomplish that you can buy a fur harvester permit through the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks that will allow you to sell pelts if you want, or just harvest more than one Bobcat. 

OUR LODGE: Our fully furnished lodge has separate bedrooms, 4 bath rooms, and 3 kitchens, 60 inch flat screens, etc…. All the bedding and linens are furnished, the kitchens are fully furnished with microwaves, stoves, refrigerators, utensils, and everything else one could think of right down to the coffee and filters. We do not provide the meals so one will have to bring your own food or we are only 7 miles from town if you want to eat out. Minneapolis is a small town but it has everything one needs, grocery store, liquor stores, gas stations, and several restaurants. We also have several gas grills for the hunter to use if needed. Come stay in our spacious lodge with all the accommodations of home kick back relax and just hunt!!