TURKEY HUNTING RATES: $1250.00  3 Day 2 Bird Hunt

Get ready for the Kansas Turkey hunting trip of a life time! Here at Pipe Creek Guide Service we offer 3 day fully guided, or semi-guided 2 bird Turkey hunts with a stay in our fully furnished lodge. We hunt in units 2 and 3 on 13,000 acres of private land in Ottawa, Cloud, and Saline County. Located in the middle of Kansas means its right in the heart of the best Kansas Rio Grande Turkey hunting possible. All the birds in this area are Rio Grandes and produce the beautiful cream to almost bright white tail fans.

These birds are very aggressive in nature and roam a fairly large area daily. They are always fighting amongst themselves and talk very loudly and often. Of course all of you that hunt Turkeys often know, that the more they talk the better!  Therefore the more they talk the easier it is to call them in, and or locate them.

THE TERRAIN: In Kansas our timber is smaller and our fields are bigger than many other states so we can see them from a long way away. We can spot a bird in a field, slip up a creek bank and set up on him in minuets on average. We can hunt all day and on Sunday as well even though some states won’t allow you to. When you arrive at Pipe Creek Guide Service (generally the evening before the hunt) we will get you acclimated with our 5,200 square foot fully furnished lodge, make sure you have all the necessary tags and licenses, and then jump in the truck and try to locate a bird for the next morning's hunt.

LICENSES: Kansas Turkey tags are easy to get you can buy them over the counter or online anytime along with the Kansas hunting license. If you don’t have it all when you get here don’t sweat it we will help you get it, and make sure your legal.

YOUR HUNT: Plan on hunting all day if you want, we know that’s why you’re here so were ready to go!! Generally we hunt a roost in the morning then we will try to spot birds in a field and work them during the day. In the evening we will go back to a roost area or locate a roosted bird for the next morning. We have blinds set up close to roost areas and feeders for kids, rainy days and for those who like to Bow Hunt our Kansas Rio Grandes. On the Average the hunter will hear anywhere from 5 to 25 different birds gobbling on the roost depending on the day and the weather. He should see at least 10-15 different gobblers a day and often the hunter will have opportunities to tag out with both birds in one day and sometimes in a few minutes!!! On the average a mature Kansas Rio will have a 9-11 inch beard, and anywhere from 1 inch to 1 3/4 spurs.  Now and then we will kill a bird with spurs as long as 2 inches.  

HUNTING AND LICENSE FEES: Kansas non-resident Turkey tags are $62.50 for the first bird (called a permit), and $32.50 for the second bird (called a game tag). The Kansas non-resident hunting license (required) is $99.50.   Non resident Youth Turkey tag cost 12.50, the game tag is also 12.50. Kansas offers a combo which includes both the Turkey permit and the Turkey game tag for $87.50 (youth combo is 22.50) this is special deal that they offer from January 10th until March 30th.  This year we will be charging $1250.00 for a 3 day 2 bird hunt. This includes lodging, guide, and transportation during the day.  We do not provide the meals but our spacious lodge has 3 fully furnished kitchens, several gas grills, 4 baths, separate bedrooms, bedding and all the linens, (beds made fresh before you arrive). All you need is your hunting gear and food everything else is provided.  If there is anything you need our lodge is located only 7 miles from Minneapolis, Kansas where you will find all the basic needs - gas stations, grocery store, liquor stores, and restaurants. We at Pipe Creek Guide Service like to make certain your experience with us is everything is that you expect. We only like to take one group at a time to make sure everyone has a great hunt. Therefore we require a $100.00 deposit as soon as you’ve decided your dates to secure them. After the hunt relax in our 5,200 square foot lodge with all the comforts of home, kick back and watch movie on one the big flat screen TVs or just plain crash on the couch because you have chased our wild and crazy Kansas Rio Grande Turkeys all day. Either way we will set you up for a trip of a lifetime!